The KX-NS700 is a compact hybrid communications platform for small to medium sized businesses. Cooperative Digital recommends this system for organizations needing up to 92 concurrent outside conversations and up to 128 users. The KX-NS700 is cost-effective for as few as 8 to 12 users, and grows incrementally to its maximum capacity. more


The KX-NS1000 is a fully-VOIP communications platform for medium to larger businesses and multi-site enterprises. Cooperative Digital recommends this system for organizations needing up to 253 concurrent conversations and up to 640 users at one location, with up to 16 locations in a seamless network. It is cost-effective for as few as 32 users, and grows incrementally to its maximum capacity. more

Cooperative Digital recommends Panasonic Unified Communications Servers. We specify, design, install and support telephone systems for organizations with two to 500 phones.

Installation Alternatives

On Premises

You own it. On-site.

The preferred solution for organizations with a main office where most users are located. The PBX (telephone switch) is installed in your phone closet or IT room, as the case may be. A logical choice when most of your users are at a single location.


You own it. Data center.

Your PBX can be remotely located in a colocation facility (telecommunications & data center), where it can benefit from proximity to carrier circuits, and full climate control and backup power. An excellent choice for organizations with many branch locations.


You lease service.

Low cost, flexible, and quickly enabled. Organizations receive service via a virtualized, or shared, PBX that is owned and operated by Cooperative Digital. Ideal for smaller firms, young, growing firms, restaurants and retail establishments (in development).

Cooperative Digital will evaluate your needs, explain the various options to you, and help you select the system that is best for your organization. Our commitment to objective design, and freedom from sales quotas, means that you can trust our recommendations to reflect your actual needs.

Our Process for Delivering New Telephone Systems
  • 1. Needs Analysis

    Mutual Q&A to determine the correct size (now and future), capabilities (unified messaging, call center, remote workers, etc.), custom design (things everyone else says can't be done), choices of telephones, etc.

  • 2. Premises Assessment
    Site survey to check your wiring, jacks, and IT closet or room. This helps assess whether digital or VoIP will be more economical, and whether new wiring is needed.
  • 3. Specification
    We provide a proposal for the PBX, with typically three options for price & configuration. If new wiring or jacks are needed, our associated wiring contractor provides a proposal as well.
  • 4. Installation
    Scheduled for minimum impact, for example overnight work if needed. We also coordinate technical and scheduling details with the outside carrier, and bring all the scheduling together for a seamless turn-up.
  • 5. Follow-up
    User training and user instructions are included. "Free fine-tuning" gives you time to make the little adjustments that ensure your employees are fully comfortable with their phones.
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